This site is your sure stop for all the information you would like to know about Chai tea and be sure that if there is the latest addition to the world of chai tea, we won’t hesitate to keep you updated. For those who are already in the chai trend and those who are just getting into the system, chai latte is the best drink that can easily substitute that other one you have been taking before now. Try it now, and it becomes your very favorite.

Asides the taste and flavor you get to enjoy, the healing properties it contains are so great that I read it somewhere very recently that it was used in Ayurveda as part of the treatments used to cure certain ailments.

Chai tea is so loaded with many health and nutritional benefits apparently because it is a mixture of black tea and many other natural herbs and spices. Imagine the strength of black tea compared to when about two or three spices are combined with it.


Because this is my newly found treasure, I have decided to share with fellow tea lovers and have created this page just for you to browse through the several things you need to know about chai tea – chai tea recipe, chai latte, chai tea content, nutritional composition of chai tea, health benefits of chai tea and the different types of chai latte drinks you can get to make the Masala chai your very own drink.


One post I am very particular about on this page is the best chai tea, which after making a thorough research on chai tea, I have done a comprehensive compilation of the best chai tea products available that will keep you asking for more. On this page, you will find several reviews, ratings, and comments on the best chai latte drink and this I intend to make your search and selection of the best chai latte comfortable having considered the taste, price and overall acceptability of each product.



Each of these types has different brand products we have carefully selected for tea lovers with style. Therefore, you can always visit our Chai tea Reviews section for different types of chai tea you would love to entreat yourself with. In essence, a tea lover who prefers cardamom chai tea over other kinds still has different cardamom chai tea brands to choose from after considering the price, preparation time and whether you would prefer it in tea bags, powdered form or using the use of Keurig products.

Chai latte has in recent times, gained much popularity among the wealthy and an average citizen and you no longer have to go through the stress of steeping the ingredients unless you so desire or have to use cheap spices, as we now have different companies producing instant powdered chai latte mix which is not only affordable but also saves the stress of preparing the chai drink from the scratch. The Big Train flavored chai latte, Chamba chai spiced chai latte mix, Tazo chai vanilla caramel latte, and Mystic Chai vanilla teas are examples of chai latte premix products. To get any of these products, click here for more details.



With the vast acceptability of chai tea, most tea lovers still prefer to steep and brew their tea to get the flavor and taste they desire.  Brewing of tea can be done with the use of the best tea infuser as it enable you to have access to your tea without delay. I’ve done a comprehensive compilation of the tea infusers such as teapot with infusers, tea mug with infusers and also glass mug with fruit infuser and tea infusion core.

How To Make Chai latte Video



There are different articles on the blog section you can browse through for a better understanding of chai tea and the full range of product you can get for leisure or for a great chai family time. The sections include the chai review page, the important things you need to know about chai tea, chai products, benefits of chai tea, chai tea latte and all chai tea spices and recipes.