5 Best Teas for Weight Loss

For the past years, teas have been an unbridled source of health benefits. From its diverse roots and flavors, to its effect in protecting the human body against diseases such cancer, nausea; its ability to break off chain reactions leading from oxidation (anti-oxidant), the effects of teas cannot be overemphasized.

But more pronounced is its effect to free the body of fats, especially in the abdominal part of the body. That is sure great news! It is a flavored and healthy substitute for the diet soda most of us are accustomed to. In this article, I will be sharing with you 5 teas that can make you lose weight in weeks.

Black Tea
This is a less-oxidized tea made from shrub leaves. It contains flavonoids which are very useful to the body in contrast to the small amount of catechins it contains. Black tea also contains caffeine which is very effective for weight loss. Black teas are fully fermented.
Green Tea
Green tea is very similar to black tea since they are made from the same leaves. This unfermented tea contains catechins which unlike black tea, is the antioxidant that works for weight loss. But this tea has to be taken limitedly. Studies have proven that drinking at least 2.5 cups of green tea will have the expected effect. Also, it has a wide range of antioxidants which have different effects on the body.

White Tea
This tea contains the biggest source of antioxidants. According to studies by Nutrition and Metabolism Journal, white tea can break down fats while also blocking adipogenesis which is the formation of fat cells. It also contains caffeine and is capable of keeping your appetite at bay. Wonderful, isn’t it?
Oolong Tea
Oolong tea is a partially fermented tea made from the leaves green and black tea is made from. They also contain catechins which boost your body’s ability to metabolize fats. In English, oolong means “Black Dragon”.

Ginger Tea
This is a funny one: Ginger tea literally quells your appetite and increases satiety. This is a practical solution for weight loss. Ginger tea treats nausea and motion sickness. Its antioxidants are believed to help prevent cancer.