Amazing Benefits of Chai Tea

This is a page for those who are yet to know the benefits of chai tea and why you should include the black chai tea in your daily diet.

Chai tea is considered to have wide range of health benefits with the herbs and spices it’s made from. The therapeutic properties of all these herbs and spices are considered to be infused on to the chai during preparation.

Chai is produced from the decoction of some spices and black tea that is mixed with sweetened milk. The most popular spices been used in the production of chai are cardamom, cinnamon, saffron, lemongrass, fennel seeds, ginger and clove. The spices used in the preparation of sweet chai latte are inherently therapeutic and their infusion to the tea releases some of their properties to the brew itself.

Benefits of chai spices

If you really want to know the health benefits of a masala chai cup, then it is very important that you understand the spices that makes up the sweet tea and their benefits.

Let’s take a look at the common chai spices and there health benefits.


benefits of chai tea - cinamon

This has been known widely to possess anti-inflammatory properties and also regarded as a potent antioxidant. And some believe it can help to reduce blood sugar levels in the body but that hasn’t been proven medically.


benefits of chai tea - ginger

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of ginger have been scientifically proven by scientist and it is regarded as an excellent solution for gastrointestinal issues.


benefits of chai tea - cardamon

This Indian spice is a natural piece for treating any digestive distress, constipation, gallbladder issues, liver and intestinal spasms. This is very effective for treating cough, bad breath, cold and sore throat.


benefits of chai tea - nutmeg

This is known widely to have curative, aphrodisiac and aromatic properties. Nutmeg can be used in any application because of their therapeutic properties – anti-depressant, anti-flatulent, anti-fungal and aphrodisiac.

Black tea

benefits of chai tea - black tea

This chai spice helps protect the body from LDL and also prevents or reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Also, it has antioxidant properties that enhances the general health and wellbeing

Is chai tea good for you?

The first question you should ask yourself before drinking any type of chai tea is, is the chai tea good for you? As a matter of fact, there are many health benefits of chai tea you are missing by not taking it regularly. It offers you much goodness if you can add it to your daily diet.

What are the benefits of chai tea?

It helps reduce the risk of cancer

benefits of cha tea - fight cancer

Cancer destroys the DNA and some other healthy cells in the body and regular intake of the best chai tea can help to lower ones risk of having cancer. As you know that chai tea is produced from the decoction of some spices with the common ones such as ginger, cinnamon, black tea, black pepper and cardamom. These spices all have phytochemicals and cancer prevention properties to help fight and lower the risk of cancer.

It boosts your metabolism

benefits of chait tea - boosts meatbolism

Did you know that there are some natural spices that can help to boost the body metabolism? And some of these natural spices can be found in chai tea. This black chai tea can stimulate the digestive system and the pancreatic enzymes that can improve the breakdown of fat and uptake of oxygen.

It fights free radicals.

benefits of chai tea - free radicals

Chai tea has great antioxidant properties and this helps to fight free radicals in the body which has the temerity to lead to different diseases. Another benefit of chai tea is the ability to prevent cold and also boosts the immune system

It offers digestive support

benefits of chai tea - digestion

One of the benefits of chai tea is that it boosts the digestive system and helps in the digestion of food. When taken after meal, it can aid quick digestion and also it can be taken in the morning as a therapy for pregnant women to fight nausea with the help of the ginger present in it.

It has anti-inflammatory effects

benefits of chai tea - anti-inflammation

Most of the spices of chai tea have anti-inflammatory properties and it can help to relieve gum pain. Eugenol is found in cloves and this is known worldwide for its anti-inflammatory properties.

It prevents diabetes

benefits of chai tea and diabetes

This disease affects large numbers of people today and there lot of medical drug that works to deal with this disease. However, here is a natural way to regulate your blood sugar level in the body and it’s through the intake of chai tea on a daily basis. The properties in this black masala chai assist the immune system by counteracting some of the damage cause by sugar in your body.

It boosts your energy.

chai tea and energy boosts

Another benefit of chai tea is that it boosts the energy level in the body. Energy drinks have unknown negative effects on the immune system and you can replace them with the intake of the black tea. The spices are natural and healthy stimulants that give the body the energy needed to carry out its daily duties effectively.