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Tea has lots of benefits and for those who love to brew their tea, getting the right equipment will only make it easier to do. Apart from the tea bag and getting one of the best kettles be it electric or non-electric, the need for a novelty tea infuser to separate the leaves of the tea from your brew once its ready is very important.

Tea infuser

The practice of preparing tea using full leaf loose tea leaves is on the rise among tea enthusiasts. You need a cute tea infuser to get your tea brewed perfectly and for those who have never steeped a cup of tea with the use of a tea steeper and a creative tea infuser, I will offer a comprehensive information on all you need to know about the use of the best tea infusers.

Choosing the best tea infuser might look like an easy task, but it thus appear complicated. Some choose to negate the idea of using unique tea infuser because they believe that the tea leaves will be restricted and this will reduce the intensity of the infusion of the tea in the hot water. But it is the perfect device to use when it comes to steeping your tea with ease.

I’ve done several researches on different tea blogs, made some personal testing of teas to find the best tea infusers you can opt for. I have selected some of the best products of tea infuser pots you can choose from. But before then, let’s look into what exactly loose leaf tea infuser is.

What is a tea infuser?


A creative tea infuser is a tool that can be used to steep full leaf loose tea leaves in the place of using the tea bag that many of us are familiar with. This tea steeper allow tea leaves to expand and unfurl leaving you with its full flavor.

Teacup infuser comes in different styles, sizes and types and the one you opt for is determined by your preference and need.

Types of creative tea infuser

There are vast number of cute tea infusers with different style and sizes from brewing basket, cute silicon infuser, mesh metal balls, teapots with infusers built into the design. The type of teacup infuser you get depends on a couple of factors.

Are you steeping your tea for one or group? Are you in search for the cute tea diffusers with a crafty design and a simple function? Whatever your preference, there is a certain tea steeper and infuser that perfectly fit your needs.

Here are the different types of unique tea infusers

The peoples brew baskets tea infusers

For proper brewing of tea you need a quality tea leaves, hot water and the right amount of space. The ample space in the brewing baskets are very deep which allow tea leaves to swell to bring out the full taste. The bigger the basket, the better the taste and flavor of the tea and it is the perfect deal for tea enthusiast.

Note: The brew basket is the perfect deal for steeping a single serving of full leaf loose tea

Ball hot tea infusers

This is also referred to as stainless steel mesh tea strainer. They are very small, compact yet very easy to use. It has two crafty design as some comes with a ball and chain design while others with long handles. The mesh tea steeper is very good at keeping out fine tea particles while the tea balls are just too small to adequately infuse your tea. Tea enthusiasts don’t recommend the use of ball style infusers, however, I’ve included my favorite long handle one.

Silicon tea infusers

This particular type of infusers are similar to mesh metal balls infusers. The tea mug with infuser is very small and most people complained about not getting the full flavor of their tea. It is the best tea infuser bottle for casual tea drinker and the design is topnotch.

Travel mugs with infusers

This travel mugs with novelty tea infuser are great and perfect for tea lovers on the go. It is advisable that you choose a more traditional thermos-style cute tea infusers that is durable with a metal tea infusing basket

Teapots with unique tea infusers

If you are a tea enthusiast and you love to share tea with others, there is need for you to get a teapot with a unique tea infuser built in. Teapots comes in all kinds of materials from clay, ceramic, cast iron and glass. The size of the loose leaf tea infuser is the most important part you should give attention to. It should be wide and deep enough to brew the tea.

If you are a tea lover and you’ve never experienced the joy and fun of steeping with full-leaf loose teas, I suggest that you get ahold of one of the creative tea infusers I will review in the later part of this article.

As discussed above, the major thing to consider when choosing the type of teacup infuser is the size and with this in mind, let’s check out some of the best and novelty tea infuser you can decide to purchase.


Gourmia GDK290 Electric Glass Tea Kettle with Built In Precise Steeping Tea Infuser

best tea infuser

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The PreciseTea intelligent Autokettle is a whole superb class of kettle, designed with serious tea enthusiast in mind. This makes brewing of tea easier as it comes with a comprehensive manual on how you can operate the kettle to get the best out of your tea.

The kettle is transparent which permit you to see clearly the level of water you have in the kettle for refilling purposes. It has a cordless base that allows the movement of the kettle from one place to another easier to do.

The kettle comes with an operating system in which you can set the temperature to your desired degree to boil your water. The kettle can keep your tea warm for a longer period of time and the parts are removable while the glass body is stain resistant, which makes it easy to clean and store.

About This Product

Stainless Steel Design and glass
Capacity of 2 Quarts
ETL Listing
120v/ 60 Hz /1500w

Brew up your tea with four easy step with this novelty tea infuser

Step one

Fill up the kettle with quality water

Step two

Add your favorite tea leaf into the tea leaf infuser

Step three

Turn on the PreciseTea intelligent Autokettle and wait the water comes to a boil

Step four

Utilize the TeaBrewPLus to gently lower the SmartSteep basket (cute tea infuser) and wait until your tea has steeped to your desired strength and color.


  • The interval for setting the temperature is 5(f) degree
  • The best tea infuser for loose tea
  • It boils water quickly
  • It has a good memory to remember the last temperature settings after use
  • Spout is metal
  • It has a wide opening which makes it very easy to remove the lid and the cute tea infuser
  • It beeps when the temperature reaches the set point
  • The best kettle for tea lovers


  • The cord of the kettle can’t wind up into the base

This review is based on the couple of uses on the first day of using this kettle. Overall I’m satisfied with all the wonderful features of this kettle.


NutriChef Electric Tea Kettle Steeper with Tea Infuser

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Brewing your favorite tea is very easy to do with the use of Nutrichief.  The electric glass tea kettle comes with an integrated loose leaf tea infuser for quick batch brewing. With the use of the digital control panel with touch button controls you can easily steep and infuse a perfect cup of tea every time you feel like. It has the capacity to keep your tea warm for a very long period after boiling it.

This tea steeper with its unique tea leaf infuser has a simple plug-in operation to boil your water and it automatically shut off as soon as the heat cycle is complete. It operates at a faster rate and it is convenient to pour without hurting your hand because it is heat resistant and also, it is stain resistant which means it will be easy for you to clean and store.

Teapot and infuser

About this product

120 voltage power

Kettle capacity of 1.8+ Quarts

Time adjustment of up to 120 minutes

Maximum temperature of 212° Fahrenheit


  • It is very easy to use
  • Best tea infuser for loose tea
  • It has a good design and efficient in steeping teas
  • Perfect fit for tea lovers
  • It boils very fast
  • It’s among the best tea infuser mug
  • It can be used for cold and hot tea infuser


  • None at the moment


Frieling USA 18/8 Stainless Steel Primo Teapot with Infuser

Frieling USA 18/8 Stainless Steel Primo Teapot with Infuser

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This is another novelty teapot with loose leaf tea infuser to make steeping and brewing of your tea easier to do. This is one of the kettle I love so much as I was moved to purchase one because of its alluring design and how safe and convenient it is to use.

This stainless steel teapot is beautifully made, it is heavy and it holds heat very well without you harming your hands. It is made of high quality steel and it doesn’t transfer the taste or flavor of one tea to the next.

It serves its purpose effectively and this is based on my first use of this teapot. The infuser is awesome and it can hold even the thinnest tea without any dropping in your brew. I think I fell in love because of the outlook but it is one of the best teapot with infuser you will appreciate you have in possession.


  • Very easy to use
  • Best tea infuser for loose tea
  • It doesn’t transfer heat to your hand
  • It is water resistant and very easy to clean and store
  • It’s one of the teapots that is ideal for tea lovers like me. Smiles


  • None at the moment

ZEROJAPAN 23 oz Round Teapot with SLS Lid and Infuser

Tea infuser

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If you are the type that fall in love or get attracted by beautiful things like me, you will surely want to go for this teapot even when you have the one you are using. This ZEROJAPAN 23 oz Round Teapot with SLS Lid and tea diffuser is indeed a loose leaf tea infuser you can use to steep and infuse your tea to get the desired taste and flavor.

This teapot is made in japan and it comes in a jean blue color with a clip on the top for easy opening of the teapot. Adding this to other kitchen accessories will add more beauty to the interior design and aside that, it is very effective in keeping your tea warm for a longer period of time. This teapot with loose leaf tea infuser is the best deal for tea enthusiast just like me.


  • It can keep your tea warm for a longer period of time
  • It is the best teapot for tea enthusiast
  • Pottery
  • Best tea mug with infuser
  • It is one of the best tea infuser mug
  • It comes with attractive blue jean color
  • It can be used as cold and hot tea infuser


  • None at the moment

Primula Flavor-It Beverage System

Primula Flavor-It Beverage System

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This tea infuser travel mug popularly known as primula flavor-It beverage system is a combo system for various infusing and brewing purposes such as fruit infusion core, chill core and tea infusion. Indubitably, it is the best you’ll ever need as a tea lover to brew your delicious and healthy drinks.

This loose tea infuser can be used by anyone for different occasions and its use is determined by your need. It has a fruit infusion core for those who would love to and fruit flavor to their drinks and also tea infusion core which can be used to brew your tea to get the best flavor and taste out of your tea.

This is best appreciated by tea lover and vegans who love to eat fruits and make their fruit juice. It is very easy to use as all you have to do is to follow the simple instructions that comes along with the manual on how to utilize it for different purposes.


  • The interchangeable core of the best tea mug with infuser is very useful as it helps to keep fruit and tea particles out of my water
  • It is very durable and of great quality
  • Best tea mug with infuser
  • It works perfectly for fruits infusion
  • It can be used as cold and hot tea infuser
  • The best tea infuser travel mug


  • None at the moment


Tea infuser teapots is not an option for tea lovers who love to brew their teas but a necessity as it is the best and perfect tool to ensure your tea is free from particles. I’ve been able to do justice to what loose leaf tea infuser is all about and also with some of the best product I’ve reviewed personally. Thanks for stopping by, and I really hope you enjoyed this content. Tea is life…. I like it…