Indian Spice Celestial Seasonings Chai Tea K-Cups

Indian spice chai is one of Celestial seasonings’ best and offers a brew-it-yourself advantage with its Keurig compatible K-cups. India Spice chai is packaged in air tight K-cups that works easily with any Keurig brewing method with one cup making for one serving.

The whole pack has a total of 48 cups of chai latte made from the finest black tea and a combination of spices and flavors. It is one of the best selections you can make that ease the stress of making chai in the traditional way; all you need do is to pop a pod into the Keurig and there, you have your rich tasting tea. Not only is it filled with natural flavor, but it has a spicy taste to it that makes you ask for more especially when cream is added to it.

Nutritional facts

The Celestial seasoning India spice chaitea contains black tea as its base ingredient which means that it contains caffeine, but at a lower level when compared to coffee or other teas. Without added milk or sugar, it contains no calories or fat, but these can be altered based on ingredients added during preparation in other to sweeten it or make it a rich creamy Celestial seasoning chai tea latte.

Benefits of indian chai tea

Indian Spice Celestial Seasonings Chai Tea K-Cups

Asides being a healthy replacement for most coffee lovers, though with lower caffeine content, the Indian chai tea is rich in anti-oxidants that protect the body from free radicals. It is an elixir that is potent enough to bring restorative strength to a weakening body and believed to soothe the mind.

Ingredients of Celestial India spice

Celestial seasonings india spice chai tea contains; black tea, which constitutes the main antioxidants composition in the chai latte, while it also provides more protection in the body than what has been earlier revealed. The black tea also contains anti-viral properties and has a soothing ability on nerves and the body as a whole, which helps to reduce hunger.

Star anise in Indian chai tea plays the anti-microbial role in the body due to its high level of anti-microbial properties. It also works against inflammation and flu, which is why celestial seasonings india spice chai tea is a suitable drink especially in cold weather.

The black pepper has been said to help prevent excess accumulation of fat in the body and to lower the blood pressure of a hypertensive patient. Its use as a spice of India makes the chai tea latte effective against such occurrence while cinnamon provides balance in the blood sugar level while it also gives anti-bacterial and some anti-oxidant effects to the body. Most of these spices can be found in indian grocery and all this makes up the indian chai tea you will find on this website


Most chai lovers have tried this very Celestial seasoning Indian spice chai and have found it to be one of the best chai lattes to be enjoyed with much relish. It is a sweet tea that has a balanced blend of spiciness and flavor without one offsetting the other.

While some have become addicted to chai tea latte just at the taste of the Indian spice black chai tea, most have found it to be a good alternative to coffee while others just love the Celestial seasoning chai tea K-cups just for the convenience it offers. The Indian spice chai is no doubt one of the highly rated Celestial seasoning chai tea products you can ever find in stores today.


The Indian spice is no doubt a highly recommended indian chai tea latte product for workaholics who never seem to take a break and are always in a rush to get back to work. One of the main reasons why it has gotten a high rating is the ease of preparing it and within a short period of time; once you have you Keurig brewer, you have your rich steaming sweet celestial seasonings india spice chai tea.

The black tea blends well with cream and other dairy products and can be sweetened with a dash of sugar, honey or any other sweetener of your choice. Each of the Celestial seasoning chai tea K-cups can conveniently serve an individual, while you might have to get a bigger pack to serve the family because once you have a taste of this Indian spice, you can’t stop asking for more.