Chai tea latte

Chai tea latte is another form in which Chai tea can be taken. It is a drink prepared from the addition of concentrated spices or freshly brewed spiced tea and steamed milk. The result is a foamy drink with light texture.

The chai tea latte begins with the preparation or brewing of chai from loose black tea leaves and other spices such as Cinnamon, cloves, Cardamom, ginger and so on. The Chai tea is usually prepared in different blends or mix and flavors and one of the best ways to enjoy these chai blends is in the latte form.

Chai tea latte is more popular in tea or coffee shops and is more enjoyed by many than a plainly served chai tea. Chai tea latte usually has a milk base that gives it a sweet and creamy taste so you can enjoy it better. Chai latte is often seen by most consumers as a healthy alternative to coffee and other chocolate drinks because it contains natural spices with loads of healthy benefits to the body.

In most tea shops, chai latte is usually available in the pre-mix form, except you request for a fresh brew of the drink. As a pre-mixed tea, it already has a certain quantity of sugar, milk and or cream which will in every way determine the calorie content of the drink. Examples of chai latte brands/products usually bought in the premix form are Big Train, Chamba Chai, Starbucks and lots more.

These pre-mixed products are also processed to contain certain amount of spices, with a black tea base (usually Assam tea) in other for it to have the original taste of Chai. The type of a chai latte premix is determined by the most significant spice present in the mix, hence the availability of different chai latte pre-mix (e.g. Cinnamon Chai latte mix, Ginger-spiced latte, Star-Anise and clove spiced). Concentrated chai tea lattes can also be made available in different flavor such as strawberry, vanilla, milk etc just by adding a particular zest or essence to the mix to distinguish products from each other.

Chai tea is distinguished from its latte form because of the calorie content in chai latte. Chai tea in its natural form is usually calorie free until it is made into latte through the addition of steamed milk or cream.

The milk contains certain amount of calorie, but the more significant calorie content is from the addition of sugar or sweetener to the drink. The Starbucks Chai latte drink contains 190 calories per 12 ounces, 128 calories of which is gotten from added sugar.

Common ingredients of chai tea latte
Chai tea latte, whether made from the scratch or bought in the pre-mix or concentrate form from a store is made of different ingredients depending on choice and the ingredients found around you.

It is important to note that Chai tea itself is made with a black tea base, which is what gives it the tea quality. The two types of black tea most commonly used are Assam tea or Djaleing tea. Apart from the black tea, chai tea is composed mainly of natural spices in fresh or dried forms.

These spices include: Nutmeg, Star Anise, Rosemary, Cloves, Black Peppercorns, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric and other spices available in one’s locality. Each of these spices is made present in the tea either in trace amounts or as a significant composition of the tea.

These ingredients are what makes up the Chai tea and each of them has its own unique nutritional and health benefit, which when added together, makes a tea with a high nutritional composition you can recommend for a healthy lifestyle.

How to make chai tea latte
To enjoy the real taste of Chai latte, it is usually recommended to prepare it yourself, while store bought Chai latte pre-mix can be used in cases where you may want a quick latte fix.

But preparing Chai late is not difficult nor does it take much time. one other advantage of making your own chai tea is that you get to make it the way you want it; either with extra sugar dash, more spices, or with a hot spicy feel especially in cold seasons, which could be at a higher cost if you were to buy from the store.

It is even better to know how to make your own Chai tea now that the leaves are indicating fall. Trust me; you would need a cup of hot chai tea latte drink each day during this cold weather to keep you so warm you wouldn’t want it to end.

And what do you do on days when it gets too cold to drive to the nearest store? Simple, just follow these step by step procedures for making your own chai tea latte. Take this tip from me; you would need to feel your jars now with as many spices as you can get at the moment. You need much to try out you own chai drink without getting stuck to one type.

How to make chai tea latte

Chai latte recipe Preparation time: 40 minutes

  • Servings: 8 Ingredients for chai tea latte
  • 2-3 whole cloves
  • 3 Cinnamon sticks
  • 10 Cardamom pods
  • 2 Nutmeg seeds
  • A handful of black peppercorns
  • 5 black teabags
  • 3 ginger peeled and chopped
  • Sugar/Honey Steamed milk or whole milk
  • Foam
  • 5 cups water


  1. Select your ingredients: you should already have the type of spices you would want in your chai available. Sometimes you don’t need more than four or five spices, but if you have all, you can try to use them too. You can also get different types of packaged fresh chai ingredients in the store; they are either packaged as grounded spices or in the case of Prana Chai, blended to preserve the volatile flavors.
  2. Put all ingredients in a blender and grind until the particles are even, though it is still coarse.
  3. Place your pan over heat and add 5 cups of water. You can then add the blended spices and leave to simmer while ensuring that it doesn’t come to a boil. This should be done for 10 minutes or more.
  4. Tear open the teabags and pour in the black tea contents into the hot mixture.
  5. Leave covered for some more minutes to steep.
  6. Using a cheese cloth or sieve, strain liquid into another container and let simmer for 5 minutes.
  7. Pour into a jug or mug. Add honey, sugar, Stevia or other sweetener available to sweeten. Do not add too much sweetener as it can mask the feel and smell of spices in the tea.
  8. Combine with steamed milk or cream and top with foam. There, you have your homemade chai tea latte.
  9. You can make more chai tea base to store in the refrigerator for a week, but make sure you don’t add the milk or cream unless you have poured out the quantity you want to take. This will ease the stress of having to go through the preparation steps every day. You can also blend more spices and pack the excess in a airtight container or lined paper bag to keep it dry and the fragrance intact.

Chai latte benefits

Chai latte has so many benefits which is one reason why it is preferred above coffee in some parts of the world. Many of these benefits are gotten from the active ingredients contained in the chai drink with other secondary benefits from the extra toppings. Chai tea latte contains the sweetness from milk, the astringent black tea taste and spicy taste of the chai ingredients.

Indian Spice Celestial Seasonings Chai Tea K-Cups

Some of the numerous chai latte benefits are listed below.

Calms indigestion: chai tea is usually recommended for indigestion and to stop nauseous feeling. This is because it contains ginger which is well-known for its anti-nauseous nature. This is why chai tea can be given to pregnant women at a controlled quantity, especially in their first trimester when nausea is a usual feeling.

The ginger composition in chai tea also helps to stop bacterial infections that could lead to indigestion thus effectively helping digestion.

Weight loss: well, I know this will get a lot of attention from many weight watchers. You may have tried skipping meals, cutting down junks, and joined many weight loss groups or classes- keto, vegan etc, but it seems not to be working.

I’m not here to recommend another slimming tea, but just to let you know that chai tea also has a weight loss effect when taken. This is because the chai latte is made with plant or animal based milk such as cow or soy milk which contains protein.

The protein content in chai makes it an effective tea for reducing hunger thus preventing overeating, while the black tea content allows for easy breakdown of fat, thus reducing calorie absorption into the body. Though this depends so much on the type of milk and quantity of sugar you add to your chai, which instead of breaking down calories, instead build them up in the body.

Antioxidant: as with all other teas, chai tea also has anti oxidant effect on the body which reduces the effect of free radicals in the body. This is because chai tea contains flavonoids, thus extending aging effects such as wrinkles on the body.

Anti-diabetic: Chi tea contains low carbs and sugar and therefore ideal for blood sugar control. Not only that, because cinnamon is part of the chai tea ingredients, cinnamon work in the body to reduce insulin resistance which allows the body to excrete excess sugar out of the blood. This effect is further enhanced by using sweeteners with zero calories.

Calmness and relief: Cardamom in chai tea is a nerve-calming ingredient that works effectively especially in women to give relief from pre-menstrual symptoms. It helps to soothe the stomach and eases menstrual cramps.

Stimulant: Chai tea is a natural alternative health stimulant because it contains caffeine at a regulated amount, not up to that of coffee. A controlled dosage of chai tea stimulates the body positively for the day and helps one to be productive.

Healing properties: chai tea is mostly used in Ayurveda because it contains pain-relieving properties. This characteristic is especially found in cloves and black peppercorn which increases the potency of other spices.

Anti-inflammation: Ginger, pepper, and other hot spicy ingredients in chai make it a suitable tea used especially to cure chronic cold and catarrh. This is because the ingredients help to support air circulation through the lungs and for proper metabolism. Star anise seed gives a fresh breath and to remedy chest congestion.

Blood sugar/pressure control: Cinnamon in chai tea is beneficial to health as it helps to lower blood pressure and also cholesterol level to an acceptable level. These effects in turn make the heart healthy and strong even in old age. It is stated that drinking 3-4 cups of chai tea daily can lower blood pressure to a significant level thus removing the risk of heart-related diseases.

Chai tea benefits are so many and are reasons why chai tea has become so popular in the Western world today. It is therefore important to note that the beneficial effect of chai tea on the body can be affected if the level of additives such as sugar, cream or milk is not controlled.

In other words, chai tea may prove ineffective as a result of excess extras especially when taken in the latte form. This is why most chai tea lovers prefer taking chai tea in its pure, natural and unadulterated form, because you get the best result from this except the chai latte form is made without adding loads of extra calories.

Chai tea latte composition

Apart from the active ingredients used in preparing chai tea, chai latte contains other nutrients depending on the amount or level of each recipe added. The nutritional information given most times on chai latte products is usually based on the serving quantity which could be measured in cups, oz or pound per serving.

Chai latte as described earlier is different from chai tea because of the added cream or milk and so contains extra nutritional information than chai tea. For chai tea latte, the nutritional composition includes

  • Calorie
  • Fat
  • Cholesterol
  • Caffeine
  • Carbohydrate
  • Sodium
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Saturated fat
  • Protein

The level of these nutrient compositions depends on how much is served and how much milk and sweetener is added to the drink.

What is the best time to serve chai tea latte?

Chai tea latte is usually bought in coffee shops every time of the day, from sunrise to sunset. There is no particular time when chai latte is best served, but there are times when chai latte seems to be the best medicine for the soul.

Chai latte is highly recommended in extreme cold weather conditions as it contains ingredients that calms the nerves and keeps the body warm. The addition of different spices in the tea makes it a special drink for cold weather. But normally, chai tea latte is a replacement drink for coffee, with less amount of caffeine.

As a drink with caffeine content, chai latte also has to be taken in regulated amounts daily so as not to pass the recommended intake. So whenever you are on the go whether in the morning, afternoon or night, you can get an experience with chai latte. Chai latte is not restricted to being served hot alone, but can also be serve cold on hot days by adding blocks of ice into the tea.

Why we like Chai latte

Chai latte has gained much acceptance all over the world in recent times. This is because it is a drink that allows the use of natural ingredients, except for latte mixes where concentrates are used. Having to incorporate different blends of natural spices into a single drink is a blissful experience most people will love to have basically as a result of the health and nutritional benefits of chai latte that beats other processed drinks.

People we recommend it to

Chai tea latte is recommended to every tea lover who would love to have a new spicy tea experience. There is usually no age restriction with the chai tea drink though just like coffee or some other drinks, it is expected to control the quantity served to children.

Chai tea latte is suitable for both old and young. Pregnant and lactating mothers are expected to take chai tea with caution majorly because of the caffeine contained in the drink and other ingredients that might interact with their body negatively; otherwise, chai tea is an ideal drink for everybody.

Customers review

There are different reviews you get from customers who have tasted chai latte either to cool down after a stressful day or those who begin their day with a cup of hot chai and steamed milk. These reviews also focus on the brand of chai latte product used or if it is a homemade chai drink.

Under the reviews, we also get to find the highly rated chai latte brands, the most preferred mix, and how best to sweeten the tea. It is usually advisable to go through customer reviews as you get to find people’s opinions about chai latte.

There are different brands of processed chai tea latte products and mixes in the store today. These are meant to save chai tea lovers the time and stress of shopping for ingredients especially at times when you might not get all the ingredients complete or not get them at all. You can easily walk into a store and grab a pack of these products.

Some of these chai tea latte products are reviewed below.

Blue Lotus chai

Enjoy the rich taste of organic spices with deep and pungent flavor as you prepare your tea. The Blue Lotus Chai is very easy to prepare without taking so much time as it requires no steeping. The Blue Lotus Masala Chai blend is prepared by adding a teaspoon of the mix to about 4oz of water. This is enough to make 8oz cup of Blue Lotus tea.

The taste is enhanced by adding sweeteners, most preferably honey or sugar with a desired quantity of milk added to it. The Blue Lotus Chai tea is not only limited to being served hot, but you can also enjoy it over ice.

David Rio Tiger Spice Chai

chai tea

David Rio Tiger spice chai is a blend of black tea and high quality and finely selected natural spices including cardamom, clove and cinnamon. Coming straight from a company based in San Francisco, California, the products is processed to create a balance between the Western tea style and Eastern chai traditions that is, a touch of cream or milk on the usual classic chai drink.

The instant chai mix is made of pure organic ingredients (100% natural) with no additives. This additive free information is seen on the package, alongside other information that show it is gluten free, non-GMO and does not include Trans fat or hydrogenated oils. These claims are further backed by the Koshe certification of the product.

The Tiger spiced Chai is easy to prepare with hot water and can also be enjoyed in the latte form when milk is added. Not only that, the drink comes in especially handy in hot summer afternoons just by adding a few ice cubes to serve it in a cold form and sometimes blended form.

David Rio Tiger spice Chai tea is available in various sizes as the 14-ounces can which can provide for up to 14 servings, 4lb can (about 65 servings), 4lb refill bag (65 servings), and a pack of 12-single sachets for one serving each. David Rio Tiger Spice Chai is a product manufactured to provide consumers’ ease without breaking the bank.

Zhenas Gypsy Tea

how safe is it to drink chai tea

Zhenas is a brand of artisan-crafted chai tea of different blends of spices and flavors. The US based tea company produces different types teas, chai tea included. Zhenas deviated a bit from the usual classic chai products and has shown their numerous customers how creative they can be with chai tea thus gaining the trust of many.

Zhenas gypsy tea is made unlike many other chai is made with different tea bases; black tea, green tea or rooibos which is in a bid to create a selection range based on consumer’s preference. Not only that, the chai tea is made available in different flavors and spices for the best taste.

Available Zhena gypsy chai tea products includes the Coconut chai, chocolate chai, Vanilla, Firelight chai, Hazelnut, Pumpkin Spice, Gingerbread chai and lots more which are packed teabags and stored in a unique air reusable tight tin to further preserve the aroma. Zhenas chai tea is also available as different spices in the same but stackable tin consisting of different layers for each blend or flavor.

This chai tea product is strictly organic, vegan and contains no gluten. Depending on the flavor selected, the tea contains ginger, cloves, cardamom pods, black pepper, nutmeg, orange peels, cinnamon, and natural coconut flavor for the coconut chai.The product is non-GMO and Kosher Certified.

A teabag is enough to make a cup of chai tea in boiled water, while you can add sugar and milk for added taste. Each of these chai blends are made with rich chai spices for a great chai experience. From several reviews, Zhenas gypsy tea is rated as one of the best drinks you need to stay away from caffeine.

Cochin Masala Chai Tea

Chochin masala chai tea is an indigenous Indian chai spice tea that releases spicy aromatic flavor when prepared. This premium quality tea blend has a different recipe based on the type of spice used. It is made with a blend of Assam and kerala teas from India with other spices such as ginger, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.

The deliciously spiced drink is prepared by steeping in boiled water for 3-5minutes, giving a brownish gold color in the cup, while its taste can be further enhanced by adding milk and sweetener. You get to enjoy the rich taste of the drink and sometimes, the flavor is so strong that you can easily pick out the different spices combined to make the rich tea.

Chochin Masala Chai tea is available in different sizes of 50g, 150g, 250g, 500g and 1kg. The spiced tea is packaged in an airtight paper bags lined with card and foil to retain its freshness and tea quality. Chochin Masala Chai tea is one of the best teas to keep your body hydrated, relaxed and refreshed with a minimal level of caffeine. It is suitable for drinking at anytime of the day.

Café Escapes Keurig Chai lattes

chai for winter

This product is a pack that contains 24 single serve k-cup pods of natural and artificial flavored chai tea latte mix. The Chai latte mix contains a rich blend of black tea and other rich spices with a combination of natural and artificial sweeteners. The Café escapades is available in different flavors, all of which contains milk, tree nuts, refined coconut oil and soy.

Café escapades Keurig Chai latte is Trans Fat and gluten free and each cup k-cup with a caffeine content of less than 10mg. The K-cups are compatible with Keurig single cup brewers, especially the new 2.0 keurig brewer.

It is a chai latte mix that gets you asking for more after the first taste. This chai latte is also very easy to make on the go without delay. You get to enjoy the rich taste of Chai as you take a break from coffee. This is a recommended drink for your addiction, something rich, satisfying and great to start your day with.