Prana Chai Masala Blend

prana chaiWhile most Masala chai products are usually in powdered or concentrated forms, the Prana chai is a finely hand-blended mix of black tea and other natural spices including the organic bushland honey. The Prana chai masala blend comes all the way from Melbourne in Australia and is made with a 100% natural and quality ingredients.

Prana Chai products are known for being only the good stuff you can get which is why it was rated the first in the Chicago coffee fest. True to its name, Prana which means life force is processed and packaged with no additives, preservatives or machines in order to ensure that its Prana remains intact for as long as it is stored.

It comes in a hermetically sealed paper bag and in two different sizes (1kg and 250g). The product, if stored in a cool, dry place can stay preserved for up to a year from its production date without any alteration in its taste or potency.

Because it is a tea blend, Prana chai need to be strained once it is infused in hot water before taken as tea. The masala tea can also be enjoyed with milk (or other dairy products) and sugar as chai latte, or served iced on hot summer days.

Additionally, the Prana chai blend contains different spices that are either roasted to remove the oils; some are crushed to get the flavors out easily and mixed with honey and tea without any overwhelming the flavor or taste of the other. None of the ingredients is crushed just to maintain the potency of the flavors and prevent product oxidation for a longer storability.

Nutritional facts of the product

Serving size-15g

Calories- 28

Fat- 0.5g

Carbohydrates- 4.9g (1%)

Protein- 0.3g

Sodium- 55mg (2%)

Prana Chai benefits

Prana chai offers more than just a cup of tea, but is satisfying, soothing and healthy; and because it is hand-blended, there are loads of benefits stored up in this product than you can get from other processed chai. It is an invigorating drink that can restore strength and energy to the body coupled with the combined powers that seep out from the ingredients that makes the Prana chai.

Prana Chai ingredients

prana chai

100% black Ceylon tea: helps with stress management which is one of the secrets behind the calming effect black chai tea has on the nerves. It also contains a high level of anti-oxidants that controls the production of free radicals in the body. Black tea is also recommended for weight loss in some cases.

Cardamom: stabilizes blood sugar level in the body, thus reducing the risk of high blood pressure and also serve as a relief for most digestive problems.

Star anise: is revealed to contain the compound ‘Anethole’ which offers a great anti-microbial property protect the body against microbial infections-fungal and bacterial infections being the most common.

Pepper corns: Have anti-oxidant effects just like the black tea; while its presence in the body allows for easy digestion.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon has a sweet taste and contains different compounds that have anti-oxidant, anti-biotic and anti-microbial effects in the body system.

Ginger: it is a quick remedy for swellings, and inflammations while it is also proven to help control nausea, vomit and stomach gas.

Cloves: it is known for its anesthetic property and serves to reduce pains in the joints or other parts of the body.

Salt: acts as preservatives

Bushland honey: is an Australian sourced flowered honey from the sap of the Manuka tree. It is added to the blend to sweeten the tea once it is prepared. The honey, like the other ingredients act to boost the immune system and offers resistance to infections in the body. Honey as a substitute for sugar can also provide energy needed in the body.


The Prana chai Masala blend is loved among the so many consumers and rated one of the best chai tea product ever made. It is a perfect blend of sweetness, flavor with loads of benefits for the body. The Prana chai is not a powder nor syrup but a more traditional chai tea latte that gives a richly flavored drink that indicates each of the spices added to it.

We have had so much instant powdered and concentrated chai products that we have lost the real rich traditional taste of chai, but Prana chai is one product painstakingly blended to bring chai tea lovers back to how it used to be. It is easy to prepare and the little stress involved is worth the rich tastes and nutrients you get to enjoy at each sip you take. Prana chai is a highly recommended natural chai tea blends for you and your family- No sugar, No preservatives, no concentrates, and No syrup. It is a 100% perfectly blended good stuff.

Note: The vegan-friendly Prana chai Masala blend is now available at our different stores. You can check for Prana Chai Agave blend which has Agave substituted for honey.